Will you do a video featuring country X vs country Y?

By far the most common question we get. Which is why we made the suggestion and poll sections on our website. Sending your ideas through there will ensure you'll get noticed and your vote will indeed be counted.

How are your videos being made?

It all starts with the topic idea. Which is then researched and fact checked as much as possible. Text is written and edited. Voice over is recorded. Required art list is made and art is created. Then the animations are made using said art, so they match the voice over. In the end, the final product is rendered and uploaded for your enjoyment!

How long does it take you to make a video?

That depends, since some are less than 5 minutes long, whereas others are over 10 minutes. But lets say that an average 8 minute video takes around 50 work-hours.

What sources do you use for your videos?

Every video is indeed thoroughly fact checked and researched. In those select few instances where publicly available data is not available I either interpolate the figures from the historically comparable data or I openly use a broad range of figures. For every figure used in my video I first and foremost go to the official sources. That means documents stating various numbers of equipment issued by Ministries of defense of respective countries. Where such figures are not available I am forced to use third party publications. My bible in that regard is newest issue of IISS's Military Balance. Sadly, while okay for certain stuff, figures there are often out of date for some countries and sometimes the data is just incomplete. As a crutch in that regard, I use news reports. Following military procurement and military reorganization news around the world for more than a decade, on basically daily basis, I've found that numbers collected in such war are often repeated by Military Balance, within a year or so. Basically, I try really hard to use proper figures, as much as possible.

Why do you have "No allies, no morale, no nukes" rule in most of your videos?

Because allies and morale are very hard to quantify and settle on. Morale IS very important, of course, but there is just no objective data on it, as it's something that can't really depend on hard data. While number of soldiers or planes, or location of mountains is something solid and undeniable, something that can't be argued over; morale is much more tricky. Ten different people might offer ten different views on morale levels of any country in a conflict. Allies, while more palpable than morale, represent a category that's still quite unsure. Who's to say which EU countries would decline to help out in a war against Russia, for example? Or which countries would help US against China? Again, many different views would be present in every conflict and one could really make hundreds of different scenarios for each conflict, depending on different set of allies. Which is why just sticking to two belligerents gives a more clear situation. Why no nukes? Because they basically turn every war into a "everyone loses" situation. There's little point in discussing the fine details of belligerents' armed forces or strategy if they're all going to be overran by a rain of nuclear explosions.

What's with the puppet?

We think he's cool. Don't you?

Yeah, but what's his story?

Binkov was born decades ago in the glorious land of Uberslavia. He went to military school from the early age and never looked back. He specialized in intelligence data analysis, though his post graduate work involved both study in strategy and military logistics. His career has led him all around the world. He served stationed both in capitalist West and communist USSR. But neither could match his beloved Uberslavia. Sadly, during a super secret covert operation, he lost his arms, which only made him more determined to spread his military knowledge.

Seriously, is he a frog?

Nope. His tongue clearly shows he can't be a frog.

Back to the videos. Will you ever do different settings? Historical, futuristic, or even ISOT ones?

Answer to all of those is probably yes. Eventually. Historical ones might come first, then perhaps even ISOT ones (google it if you don't know what it is) - as these would have some hard data supporting them. Futuristic ones are more tricky as they require a lot of assumptions, but eventually even futuristic warfare scenarios might occasionally appear. For the time being, though, (fairly modern) military is what my videos are all about.

Can i buy your T-shirts? Or the puppet?

You can buy our merch, including T-shirts, by following the Shop link. Puppet is currently not available as we're still figuring out how to make low-volume production run dolls that don't cost an arm and a leg for the customer.