About Us

Our Mission

Binkov's Battlegrounds is an enterprise seeking to educate and entertain. While we started on Youtube, serving as our distribution channel, who is to know where Binkov will end up? Our videos are made with love and quite a few work-hours are spent on them. They are thoroughly researched and they stride to be as neutral and as objective as possible.


If you want to know who'd win in a present day hypothetical war between UK and France or China and US - look no further. We've got it covered. If you want to know if F-35 would win over Su-35, we looked into that as well. Germany vs Poland? Aegis combat system under attack from anti-ship missiles? Russia vs US? All those topics (and more) can be found on our Youtube channel. Presented by Commissar Binkov himself.

Behind the (Iron) curtain

The Binkov puppet is, of course, just the public face of Binkov's Battlegrounds. Behind it, there are three guys working hard to bring you all the videos. We're all big fans of military history, history in general, military science and technology and geopolitics. Through our videos, even though they're mostly presented in the VS format, we try to depict the process of a conflict first and foremost. We try to dissect the pros and cons of each country's armed forces. We try to take into account the geography, economy and demographics of each belligerent. So, while there are tons of VS videos out there on the internet, we believe we provide more in-depth views of our hypothetical conflicts. It's not just about who wins; but how do they achieve victory? At what cost? What exactly helped them prevail?


Oh, and for business opportunities, such as sponsorship of certain videos or in-video advertising in general, feel free to e-mail us. We have a dedicated following of many subscribers which are quite rabid when it comes to all things military.